assignment 1

Nama : Githa Dwi Wulandary

Npm    : 23210026

Kelas   : 3EB17


1. Darrell is looking a beautiful painting in gallery last night

Verb                      = looking

Adverb                 = in gallery last night

Noun                     = painting

Adjective            = beautiful


2. She lost her new car in parking area two weeks ago

Verb                      = lost

Adverb                 = two weeks ago

Noun                      = car

Adjective             = new


3. Dinar never wears a short skirt when she take the exam in the laboratory

Verb                      = never

Adverb                 = take the exam, laboratory

Noun                      = skirt

Adjective             = short


4. Githa see a handsome man who was reads a poetry very romantic last night

Verb                     = was reads

Adverb                = very romantic

Noun                    = poetry

Adjective           = handsome man


5. Fikri has collected a old car in his garage since 1995

Verb                      = collected

Adverb                = since 1995

Noun                    = car

Adjective           = old


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