assignment 3


NPM    : 23210026

KELAS  : 3EB17


1. Beauty is one word that describe ‘Bali’ . it has may beautiful cultures and one off them is ‘Tari Kecak’ traditional dancing. ‘Tari Kecak’ is beautifully performed by Balinese people. To beautified the culture, we need to conserve ‘Tari Kecak’ .

2. Oil effect the vehicle fastness, please fasten your seatbelt! That car is so fast and furious.

3. We need a good quality of eggs. Put it into a bowl with a pepper and stir well. Then fried into a pan and thank goodness for that an omelet are ready to served.

4. – The knife is very sharp

-The sharpness of the sword is undoubtedly

– The chefs are sharpening a knife which he will use

– Fikri, why you look at me very sharply?

5. – You have to drive quickly.

– It will saver your time and will also quicken up the loan process.

– We should take a quick walk for saving our time.

– The girls quickness helped her to win the competition.


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