Assignment 4

Nama : Githa Dwi Wulandary

Npm   : 23210026

Kelas : 3EB17 


History The Name of Jakarta


Jakarta is now at the age of 484 years has been renamed 13 times. Jakarta Provincial Government data mentioned, the forerunner of Jakarta is a city called Kalapa. Report of European writers in the 16th century said, Kalapa when it became the main port named Sunda Hindu kingdom whose capital Padjadjaran. But on June 22, 1527, which later became the ruler Fatahillah changed the name to Jayakarta Sunda Kalapa. According to the Decree No. While the State House of Representatives. 6/D/K/1956, then proclaimed that date as the anniversary of the city.


In the 14th century as a port named Sunda Kelapa Kingdom of Padjadjaran. Dated June 22, 1527 by Fatahilah, changed its name to Jayakarta. Dated March 4, 1621 by the Dutch government for the first time form a town called Batavia Stad. Dated 1 April 1905 changed its name to ‘Gemeente Batavia. Dated January 8, 1935 changed its name to Batavia Stad Gemeente. Dated August 8, 1942 by Japanese renamed Jakarta Betsu Stores Shi. In September 1945 the government of Jakarta City was named the National Government of Jakarta. Dated February 20, 1950 during the Pre Federal Government changed its name Gemeente Batavia Stad. Dated March 24, 1950 was changed to City Praj’a Jakarta. Dated January 18, 1958 in Jakarta standing as an autonomous region called Municipal Djakarta Raya. 1961 with the PP. 2 in connection with Act No. 1961. 2 PNPS 1961 formed government of Jakarta Raya. Dated August 31, 1964 by Act no. 10 1964 declared Raya Jakarta Special Capital Region remained as the capital of the Republic of Indonesia as Jakarta. Tahun1999, melalaui Act No. 34 of 1999 on Government Special Province of the Republic of Indonesia in Jakarta, the name changed to the local government of DKI Jakarta Provincial Government, with its autonomy remain at the provincial level and not on the area of ​​the city. Besides Jakarta area is divided into 6, the 5 municipalities and the county administrative Thousand Islands.


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