Assignment 6

Nama    : Githa Dwi Wulandary

Npm      : 23210026

Kelas    : 3EB17


The Changes History of Catfish’s Statue into The Clock


Catfish statue used to be in the middle of the city of Bekasi. Existence so bookmark favorite way of being in the middle of the road and a big statue. Catfish statue is between Railway Station, the largest mosque in Bekasi, Regional General Hospital also Bekasi Police Department. Actual statue Lele Lele fish and fruit-shaped lute, but better known as the Statue of catfish. The statue was built in Regent tenure Moch. Djamhari around 1995 and will become the city’s trademark Bekasi. Be Sculpture catfish and lute pieces decorate the city for seven years.


Apparently the good wishes of Regents is not necessarily good for the people. Most people who join in Bekasi especially Kinship Society Bekasi Agency (BKMB) and which one is Muchtadi chairman Mochtar, feel Statue catfish and do not reflect the lute Bekasi. On Thursday 24 April 2002, Damin Sada came after the Catfish Statue rally at Stadium Sports Bekasi and burn it. Catfish statue was replaced with a large clock and a large buffer space specifically for ads but now reads “space available”.


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